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Lady Parts Episode 27: Avengers Infinity War & Deadpool 2.....aka women are for fridging

Fridging is such a strange narrative trope. Using the five stages of grief as character motivation and development can be a strong exploration, but the consistent fridging of female and queer characters is, well, oh so very tired.

So it was very exciting to see a positive queer representation that doesn't end in a fridging in Deadpool 2. Ellie (Negasonic Teenage Warhead) and Yukio are a breath of fresh air in an awfully straight universe, and the 'use' of their relationship in the narrative was likewise surprising. That they are queer teens was not their central story arc, and neither died, so win for ladies and queerness! Add the beautiful specimen that is Domino - seriously, give that woman all of the screentime - and the blossoming bromance between Wade and Colossus, and we're well on the way to fantastic female characters, female stories and down with toxic masculinity!

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