AWM Writing Race

Excitement: I've been asked to captain tonight's Writing Race on

Writing races are a cool little forum special that runs every Tuesday night, courtesy of the Australian Writers Marketplace. From 8pm to 9pm, writers around Australia enter the cone of silence and write their hearts out. This isn't about quality, folks; this is about quantity. A brain dump, word spill. Call it what you like, but as an event, I think it's genius. This is a great mini-opportunity to get some words down, and to talk to other writers.

It's a great concept and one I'm really chuffed to be a part of. As a writer who struggles with scheduling time for writing, I've had to be quite strict with myself about 'Tuesday night-writing night'. It's still a work in progress, but the scheduled event, that expectation of attendance, is a great motivator. And chatting to other writers reminds you that regardless of what you're writing, or the level you're at, we're all in the same boat.

So, ahoy good writers! Welcome aboard!


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