The Pacific (2010)

I'm yet to see it and I hates it. Everytime I see an ad for this show, I have the overwhelming urge to throw something.

Their current running line is "They risked everything to save us", and you know what? They really didn't.

Say that to any Australian soldier and they will laugh in your face. The U.S. became involved in the Pacific warfront, not to save Australia, but in retaliation for the attack on Pearl Harbour. Up until that point the U.S has made a point of not becoming involved. This is a historic fact - look it up.
Channel 7 is marketing The Pacific as 'the fight for Australia', and yes, it really was - for us, not for the U.S. Australia was already fighting the war in the Pacific when MacArthur and co. moved into the AMP building in Brisbane.

This is entirely on Channel 7's shoulders. They're deliberately warping history to sell a series and while I'm not surprised, it frustrates the crap out of me. Australia had a strong presence in the world wars, Korea, Vietnam, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq get my point, and yet, we're still sold the American war. Don't get me wrong, the U.S contribution to the world wars in particular should not be undervalued, but they weren't the only ones there, they weren't the only ones to sacrifice, to save, to be heroes, to have stories.

This isn't a bitch about the American contribution in the Pacific - it's a bitch about the dominance of the American voice in military film. A great Australian film depicting the real covert operation of Australian miners on the Western front was released to almost no fanfare. Beneath Hill 60 is the true story of soldiers who planted numerous bombs throughout the German tunnels. A true Australian story and still we'd rather sell the American view of the Pacific theatre. And sell it by linking it to Australia - filmed in Australia, the fight for Australia, mateship prevailed. Sell it for what it is, an American perspective on the war in the Pacific - not the supreme fight for Australia. To describe it as such is a slap straight in the face of the Australian defence forces who had been fighting long before the U.S turned up. And it's a slap in the face for Australian writers and the Australian film industry. It tells us that Australian stories are only as important as how the rest of the world relates to us.

I plan to watch at least one episode of The Pacific and I don't discourage any else from watching it either.  But please, after you watch it, go and watch A Town Like Alice, or Kokoda - hell, go watch Australia - and remember the Australian stories, and the Australians who tell them.


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