Sherlock Holmes (2010)

I am a big fan of Guy Ritchie's Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrells (It's cheeep, like a budgie) and was really surprised when I found out he was to direct what is a bit of an English hero in literature. It's a big call for a guy who was slammed as a heavy-handed, pop-cultured, extended music clip director. And he's done really well.

The cast is good. Robert Downey Jr is hilarious as the titular character. He's a little bit Tony Stark, a little bit Colombo. There was a lot of controversy over the casting of a Yank in the role of the unconventional English detective, but Downey Jr is cool as. Jude Law is fantastic as Watson, Mark Strong is suitably evil, and Eddie Morstan is beautifully bumbling. Rachel McAdams is probably the only weak link, too young for such a worldy character, and even then, that's probably me trying to find something wrong with casting.

The storyline is geniunely a 'something wrong'. The Holmes series always had a relationship with the occult, but the magic-heavy storyline weighs down the humour and the 'clever' of the rest of the film. The script is good, but the story is just weird.

Apart from that, I swoon. The setting, costuming, and landscape are beautiful. The CGI just works. Loved the half-built London bridge and dirt and grime of the period.
Holmes's mixed interests of martial arts, drug addiction, forensics, science, and magic could have weighed down the story, but Ritchie weaves them believably into 19th century London.
It's a fun movie - it's pretty, witty, clever, action-packed. It doesn't take itself too seriously, and it definitely doesn't take Holmes too seriously. His powers of deduction are explained in short, flashed clips, so you don't wonder how the hell he managed that.

I've not read the books, don't know how it compares, but as a movie, it was enjoyable.
It's good - go see it.


  1. Nice review! I really liked it as well - but I do have quite a soft spot for good ol' Downey Jr. He's the king of image reinvention... Did you know I was so outta the loop that I didn't realise it was a Guy Ritchie film until I was watching it. It has very subtle but obvious nods to his laddish leanings. But I though it was really fun!


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