Every second, a lifetime

Wow, time really is relative.
What started out as a small break, turned into over a year. I hadn't realised how much time had passed until I started uploading drafts and saw the time stamp. Crazy!
So, what's been happening? I hear you ask.

Well, I am officially a postgrad, having completed my degree in June. I now get to wear a gold sash and lord over my other half with my higher education degree that is higher than his. I've been developing cultural projects -some of which I'll get to talk about here-, and generally working my tail off. I adopted a dog (you needed to know that). I turned 30 (don't ask how that went).

Truthfully, much of 2011 is a blur due to the side effects of some of my treatment, but the key moment in 2011 is the discovery that art is the glue that keeps me together. Overly dramatic, yes, but through what has turned out to be my very own annus horribilis, one thing that has kept me relatively sane is art - music, film, literature. While it has always featured prominently in my life, its worth, its value, to me was never more evident.

So 2011, good riddance to you. But here's to the pop culture, the trashy daytime movies, the airport paperbacks, and the soothing melodies - you rock.


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