Whispers: a reading salon

Did you know the number one fear for most people is public speaking? More-so than disease, dismemberment, death (which comes in a close second), sharks (ok, that's mine). It's true - for most of the population speaking in front of a crowd is more heart-racing, sweat-inducing, hand-shakingly sickening than anything else.

And it's a strange side effect of such an insular process as writing, that to be a successful writer you have to embrace public speaking. To develop an audience you must share your work, not only disperse it amongst markets, but read....aloud....to actual people.

It's both affirming and utterly terrifying, and no amount of practice in front of the mirror prepares you for reading a new work in front of a crowd. It's no wonder that many new writers, when faced with the prospect of a public reading, tremble at the thought of sharing their work aloud, and the prospect of sharing their work in front of a room full of strangers is seen as something to avoid rather than an opportunity to be embraced.

That's why I am ridiculously excited to present the new QWC free event, Whispers - a reading salon.
Salons are a long-standing tradition of the art world - an opportunity for artists to exhibit and share their work in an intimate setting with other artists and potential buyers. Starting in August, QWC welcomes the first of a series of salons for writers of narrative fiction and creative non-fiction. Each event samples from a diverse pool of genre and style, and programmes a local established writer, alongside new and emerging Queensland voices.

This is a great opportunity for new writers to practice the art of reading their work aloud, to read alongside more established writers, and to connect with local audiences in a supportive and intimate environment.
It also provides a space for the Queensland writing community to connect and engage in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere...and to share a glass of wine or two while indulging in tales and stories.

We're fortunate and excited to have one of Brisbane's best-loved speculative fiction writers, Trent Jamieson, author of the Death Works and Night's Engines series, on hand for our inaugural event on Saturday 11 August. Trent is a great ambassador for Queensland writers - not only as a teacher and bookseller, but a local writer who explores Brisbane with a unique eye in his Death Works series. Joining him are four great writers and champions of Queensland literature, including crime writer extraordinaire Meg Vann and short story writer Kathleen Noud.
I hope you'll join us at The Library Café for a fantastic afternoon of words, wine and Whispers (allieration is the best), and engage with your fellow writers on what is shaping up to be an electric night of literature.

First posted on Queensland Writers Centre's Thinking Out Loud  on 10 July 2012


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