Bookish-Artist: Kathleen Jennings

Illustrator, writer, and friend Kathleen Jennings creates beautiful work in multiple mediums and forms.

I first met Kathleen through mutual writing friends, and am in awe of her art and words.
Frequently, she may be spied with pencil in hand at any event and she was recently Artist-At-Large at Brisbane Writers Festival 2013.
She has a beautiful focussed line, and a whimsy that reminds me of the work of Quentin Blake. A lot of her work explores fairytale tropes, and she has a comedic edge that I particularly love.
Her designs can be found on stickers, scarves, tshirts, hoodies, and fabric, and you should totally check out her cut-paper designs. Playfully fanciful.
More about Kathleen's art can be found on her site

Cut-paper art from Once Upon A Time Exhibit

Cover of Midnight and Moonshine -written by Lisa L. Hannett and Angela Slatter
illustrated by Kathleen Jennings


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