NatCon 2014 - Continuum X: Carnival of Lost Souls

The June long weekend brings the 53rd Australian National Science Fiction Convention. Continuum is a speculative fiction convention held in Melbourne every year, and this plays host to NatCon - four days of awesome specfic exploration with creative and profressional leaders. I'll be appearing at the following events:

21:30, Friday 6 June
Fabulous cover art by Kathleen Jennings

Big Ban Theory - Lovers vs Haters Panel: BBT: Delightful geek sitcom full of familiar personalities or cringe-worthy parody playing on negative stereotypes? How can one show polarise us so much?

Panellists: Lauren Mitchell, Nicole Canal, Ben McKenzie, Jane Routley

9am, Saturday 7 June
Will Disney Ruin Star Wars: So now Disney owns the Star Wars franchise, marking the green light for the sequel trilogy and a new line of Marvel Star Wars comics, but the mid-development termination of gritty computer game, Star Wars 1313. Will Mickey be the saving grace or the death-knell for this famous franchise?
Panellists: Alex Adsett, Dirk Flinthart, Matt Lindus

I'll also be attending the Makabolo on Saturday night and the Ditmars on Sunday night. A big weekend of books, ideas and discussion!


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