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District 5 - the original and the best
Last month, I inhaled the Mighty Ducks trilogy. It was fabulous – full of 90's sport clichés and cheesy goodness. My taste in film notwithstanding, it got me thinking about the narrative differences between the written word and the visual.
Like a good book, a good film can be consuming.  The combination of music, visuals, dialogue, all seems so easy, and belies the complexity for screenwriters to harness visual and auditory cues, images, props, and dialogue, all wound together to create a compelling story.

As prose writers, there is so much that can be learnt from screen. The beats and rhythms of a film have specific nuances and purposes. Television series are made, and broken, on the strength of characterisation, the journey of their protagonists and its ability to use both to pull you in.

Author and film enthusiast Peter M Ball superbly articulates the core value of watching film as a writer through his Trashy Tuesday Writing School series (well worth the visit). While Peter’s school of thought may focus on some of the more outlandish films to be released recently, the point still stands. Screenwriting is about a compelling story, and like you, I am addicted to a compelling story in all its forms.

At Queensland Writers Centre we support and promote writers from all practices and genres, and encourage writers to explore and engage with new and emerging storytelling platforms and mediums. 

So it is with great pride that we present the Queensland Script House, a new suite of programs devoted to emerging screenwriters and visual storytellers, developed with the assistance of Screen Queensland and Screen Australia.

From creative and craft development with the Script Clinics - harnessing the creative elements of screen through critical insight and analysis of work; to the business end of creative practice with the Screen Labs - training emerging Queensland film and television writers to develop a strong business approach to their craft; and our Networking IQs provide a unique opportunity to network within the writing community – whatever medium you’re from.

Queensland has a rich culture of storytelling and an even richer community of storytellers. Queensland Script House is here to cultivate, develop and support emerging writers in exploring screen and experimental mediums, and to help you on your pathway to production. Whether you're a burgeoning screenwriter or narrative writer looking to focus your skillset in a new medium, don't miss this opportunity to learn from some of Australia's best screenwriters and producers.

This article first appeared in WQ magazine on 1 September 2014


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