Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lady Parts Episode 1.02: JurassicWorld

Have you ever loved a book so much it informed your life? Jurassic Park was that book. I first read
the book after seeing the movie when I was 11, and I lost my bundle. It wasn't a particularly big bundle (I was only 11), but it was one of those movies that tapped into something internal. I'd always had a thing for dinosaurs and this fuelled the passion (so to speak). When I read the book a year later, more bundles were dropped. Michael Crichton introduced me to a swathe of ideas my tiny 12-year old brain was not ready for - chaos theory, God-complex, biological imperative...and more dinosaurs. This book changed the way I looked at decision-making, authority figures, and conservation. It inspired my interest complex reasoning, animal rights (don't laugh), and critical thinking.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lady Parts Episode 1.01: Mad Max: Fury Road

Not-so-secret project is officially out in the world! Over the past few months, friend and colleague Sophie Overett and I have been developing a new podcast title Lady Parts: Girls on (genre) film exploring the roles of women in front of and behind the cinematic camera.