Lady Parts Episode 1.02: JurassicWorld

Have you ever loved a book so much it informed your life? Jurassic Park was that book. I first read
the book after seeing the movie when I was 11, and I lost my bundle. It wasn't a particularly big bundle (I was only 11), but it was one of those movies that tapped into something internal. I'd always had a thing for dinosaurs and this fuelled the passion (so to speak). When I read the book a year later, more bundles were dropped. Michael Crichton introduced me to a swathe of ideas my tiny 12-year old brain was not ready for - chaos theory, God-complex, biological imperative...and more dinosaurs. This book changed the way I looked at decision-making, authority figures, and conservation. It inspired my interest complex reasoning, animal rights (don't laugh), and critical thinking.

More than that, the book and the movie were fun, and the perfect complement to each other.
Jurassic Park the movie lacks the depth and the range of the novel, but it so encapsulates the spirit of the novel, that is becomes almost a trailer for the book.

And then came The Lost World. I have many thoughts on the need for writers to continue a series beyond the life of the story - and sometimes, it's a great thing. Consider Harry Potter or even Lord of the Rings, these series work because they are built as as series. The book The Lost World is not a bad sequel. It lacks the momentum and narrative interest of it's predecessor, but a solid, if lesser, offering. The Lost World movie? Not so much. It's resemblance to its namesake is passing and deserves to be ignored for all eternity (in saying that, it is a hilarious late night, alcohol-fuelled watching). And it didn't stop there, Jurassic Park 3 was a travesty. The series moved from an action adventure with theoretical and philosophical undertones to a monster of the week. Everyone involved in that film should be embarrassed.

So you can understand my concern when Jurassic World was announced. Not only was there no further written series to inspire it, but Crichton was long-dead having passed away in 2008, so no original creator for consultation. In saying that, I was cautiously optimistic. The announced cast was amazing, and prone to smart film choices. So I entered the cinema quietly excited for another taste of Jurassic Park.

I was wrong.

Hear more about the film that was Jurassic World in episode 1.02 of LadyParts.


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