LadyParts Episode 1.03: Macbeth

As a creator and as a curator, representation and access are two critical issues I consider in all of my
projects, and the in the projects I work with.

Representation: exploring and challenging representations of Australian stories, recognising that there is no universal experience, and economically, geographically, and socially isolated communities have as much to contribute to the cultural landscape, if not more so. Showcasing new voices and new stories is important in developing a nuanced and vibrant cultural community, and there is a gross under-representation of women, people of colour, and people with disabilities within publishing and production, both as creators and characters.

The solution to this is access. Providing an opportunity for artists to access development and production services, as well as accessing audiences, through increased visibility and diverse delivery and accessibility services.

The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media run by the mantra of "if you can't see it, you can't be it." It is critically important that diverse voices are afforded the opportunity to learn and do, and for audiences to see more diverse representations of gender, sexuality, race, and disability.

Which is why this episode is full of ranty-pants. The recent photoshoot of late night TV hosts and comments made on Project Greenlight by
Matt Damon demonstrate and exacerbate the issues of representation and access that plague storytelling industries.

Without diversity and inclusive creative processes, we end up recycling the same stories, reinforcing the same stereotypes, creating negative and detrimental behaviour modelling without the prospect of change. And to that I say, fuck off.

I will not buy into your domestic narrative. Give me challenging, give me diverting, give me different. There is more than one lived experience, and I want to see that story, even when it challenges me, especially when it challenges me.

And we also watched Macbeth. Check it out here.


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