Lady Parts Episode 1.04: Crimson Peak

I am not a fan of horror or gore or things that go bump in the night generally. Largely due to an overactive imagination, but also cause I'm a scaredy cat of the highest order.

So going to see a gothic romance by Guillermo Del Toro may have seemed a poor life choice. And it was.

Crimson Peak is scary. Not in the terror stakes, but it taps into a primal fear all people have - of strangers, of an unknown future, of love, of secrets, of the unfamiliar. It is spooky and scary and is a well-constructed gothic story.

Crimson Peak's biggest failing was not the story or characters or tone, but rather misdirection through marketing. - spun as a thriller in period clothes, when in fact, this film is a gothic romance of the truest order. Scary, yes. Intrigue, yes. But a formulaic gothic story:, virginal heroine, scary castle, mysteries and heroes and psychological terror in all. This does not detract from the quality of the film, but when you walk into a cinema having been one sold one story and discover another it does tend to impact enjoyment.

In saying that, yes. Crimson Peak is scary and I will never watch this movie again because it gives me the willies and that is a good thing.

Hear more about the experience that was Crimson Peak in episode 1.04 of Lady Parts.


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