Reviewers’ Choice: Top 3 reads for 2015

I've been very fortunate to review for Australia's science fiction literary magazine Aurealis. It features fantastic original work from Australia's best writers, reviews and commentary about the industry, and every month I'm able to read the latest in SF publications and share my thoughts on them. Here are my top 3 picks from my readings 2015:

By Kirstyn McDermott
Twelfth Planet Press
Fairytales are not always for children, and always hold a special place in my library. The latest work from Kirstyn McDermott is a contemporary morality tale of two Australian sisters and explores the desires and dangers in wishes, painting a tantalising picture of what happens when your wishes come true.

Get In Trouble
By Kelly Link
Random House
The weird and wonderful worlds of Kelly Link are an intoxicating read in this latest collection. From faery-laws to superhero affairs, the traps of technology and the lure of something more, Link's stories are examinations of the lives of the ordinary in extraordinary circumstances.

Day Boy
By Trent Jamieson
Text Publishing
I'm always partial to a vampire tale, and Jamieson delivers one of the best vampire worlds I've read in many years, building and expanding on the lore in new and unusual ways. The prose is poetic and vibrant, the characters engaging and flawed, the world rich and dazzling, combining to create an enthralling read.
(now with extra Aurealis Awards!!)


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