So Long and Thanks For All The Fish

After over seven years and some 1100 events, it's with #allthefeels that I will be leaving Queensland Writers Centre at the end of July. It has been a critical and pivotal part of my creative practice, professional development, and, truth be told, my identity, and I'll be sad to say goodbye. So this is some self-indulgent naff as I take a step out of the arts world for a time.
Cool shit! Chatting up the delightful Robert Connolly @GCFF2015
I started at QWC in 2009 and it's been a big part of my life for a long time, but the nature of the Arts industries is such that there is inevitably a time to move on. It's time for something new, a new challenge, and a chance to tap back into my own creative practice.

I've been afforded some fantastic opportunities and met some fucking excellent people. I've made a fabulous group of friends and a network of great relationships. I've also encountered the cunts of the world, but overall this has been one of the most meaningful periods in my life. I've been involved in a lot of awesome projects, visited some beautiful areas of the country, and contributed to amazing conversations over the years. QWC does an immense amount of work on behalf of its members and the community at large, and it has been a privilege to contribute to its success, but more importantly to support the community over the past seven-ish years. I really look forward to seeing what the future brings for the org, and to engaging with QWC as a member.
The less glamorous side of arts work - paperwork.
Yes, I am wearing my pajamas. 

I'll still be actively involved in the community, and will be launching some new projects. Having been involved in the arts since I was a kid, it's interesting to see how the industry has evolved and, admittedly, how it hasn't.

This post is for all those peeps who have supported me at QWC, who I've had the pleasure of working with and supporting in return - and will ask questions the folks in the office cannot answer. Queensland writing is such a rich and diverse well of awesome, and it's been a blast. Take care of yourself, fight the good fight, and in the immortal words of Douglas Adams.....

Whispers salon - August 2013


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