Top Picks for Brisbane Writers Festival

When  the last of the winter wind makes an appearance and spring valiantly attempts to be sprung, it's time for Brisbane Writers Festival. For readers and writers and thinkers and talkers, BWF is five days of ideas and books and story, and one of my favourite festivals. So here are some of the sessions I'm most excited by this year.
Thursday 8 September

Friday 9 September
Thatcher Stole My Trousers with Alexei Sayle
Memoir Readings with Jeremy Gavron, Marie Munkara, Hugo Race, Megan McGrath and Elspeth Muir
Planet According to the Movies with Marc Fennell - in full disclosure I'll be in conversation with Marc on this one, so come along and listen to us wax lyrical on film and genre.
Books From Our Backyard launch with Queensland Writers Centre

Saturday 10 September
Good Thinking with Kirstine Stewart
Summer Skin with Kirsty Eagar
A Brain For Life with Dr Nicola Gates
Music and the Mind with Davinia Caddy, Eve Klein, Mary Broughton and Margaret Barrett

Sunday 11 September
Inspire: Death with Dr Leah Kaminsky, Andrew McMillen and Steven Amsterdam
Do You See What I See? with Michelle Law, David Levithan, Marc Fennell and Yassmin Abdel-Magied
Ruins with Rajith Savanadasa
Science and Belonging with Dr Maggie Hardy, Dr Maree Kimberley, Professor Tamara Davis and Ellen van Neervan
Rebellious Daughters with Krissy Kneen, Michelle Law and Zenobia Frost
Sing Fox To Me with Sarah Kanake

And that's not including the numerous readings scheduled throughout the Festival! It's going to be a great week, and I hope to see you there. Check out the program here.


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