Friday Fix

It's Friday and time to check-in on the awesome finds discovered during the week.

Hamilton's America (PBS)
I've avoided getting into Hamilton: An American Musical, much to the disgust of my musically-inclined friends. I like to experience a musical in context - music, lyrics, staging and story - but it's been hard to avoid the hype. I managed to watch the PBS documentary (don't ask), and I swoon. The doco is a behind-the-scenes look at the development of the musical, the history of the story, and vignettes of the production. It's not fully comprehensive, but does a fantastic job of capturing the spirit and passion of the musical and its team.

The song pieces are really well handled. Filming stage musicals is a tricky business (Cats, anyone?) Unlike developing a musical for screen, capturing a stage performance is a complex negotiation between viewpoint and ensemble, hampered by staging and choreography - it's a battle between the intimate focus of the camera and the panoramic view of the stage.

The documentary have done a great job of capturing perspective while maintaining context, and I am really pleased I was able to see Lin-Manuel Miranda perform before his departure from the show. Excuse me while I listen to the soundtrack on loop now. What's your name, man?

Juno Lace Short (Portmans)
I recently accepted an invite to Diner en Blanc, the 'global epicurean phenomenon' (read: logistically awkward, large-scale picnic). The big selling points for the event are it's 'secret' location and that everyone must where white.
I own no white clothing and I am not fashion's target demographic. So I was not looking forward to any portion of clothes shopping, but lo we did discover something awesome. These shorts from Portmans are by and far the best clothing discovery I have made in a long time. They fit like a dream. It's a relaxed cut with a decent leg length and the material is super comfy. The lace detail makes you forget they are just white shorts. I'm digging on these hard and find myself contemplating a second pair because they are so awesome.

Vegetable Tartlets (Jamie Oliver)

Along with the buying of pale clothing, Diner en Blanc involves food. Lots of easily transportable and can be eaten cold food. I am an amateur cook in the best sense, willing to try any recipe, but hopelessly messy in technique. So something simple it would need to be.
Jamie Oliver's vegetable tartlets were perfect - chop, slice, grate, bake. Easy, right? And they were!
I switched out a few ingredients to reflect my own preferences and to use ingredients I already had: spinach instead of asparagus, fetta instead of mozarella, and added some pinenuts to replace the crunch of asparagus. It was beyond simple to make and they turned out beautifully. Served warm or cold, recommend adding these to your cooking repertoire.

As an aside, what's the difference between a tart and a tartlet?

What are you loving this week?


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