Aurealis #96

Over the past two and a half years I've been fortunate to be a book reviewer for Australia's SF literary Aurealis. It's a great gig, allowing me to 1. read, 2. write, 3. publish and 4. work with some awesome editors. Aurealis is filled to the brim with fantastic (and fantastical!) content - editorials, opinion pieces, new fiction, illustrations, and book reviews.

This year's final edition of Aurealis (#96) is available now for free from Smashwords. Just click on the hyperlink and enter the code LP55Y (not case sensitive).
Included in this issue is reviewer's picks for the year, that might inspire your Christmas shopping list!!

My picks for this year:

Jo Fletcher Books
Vigil may just be the trifecta of 'stuff I love' – kick-arse lady protagonist, dark urban fantastic world, and set in my own backyard. Slatter's prose is beautiful and her storytelling addictive. This paranormal mystery will seep into your soul until the last page and linger for days to come.

Random House
Not strictly SF, Planet is a movie buffs exploration of cinema, and a genre fans dream. From Prometheus to Lord of the Rings, Fennell uncovers the untold stories behind your favourite SF films and explores the settings and mythologies of the most mysterious places on Earth and beyond!

Hachette Australia
A strong new SF voice and a fun addition to werewolf lore, Who's Afraid? is the debut offering of Australian author Maria Lewis. It features one of the few female weres, and she's loud, she's brash, and contemporary in the best way. I'm looking forward to the sequel!


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