Friday Fix

It's Friday and time to check-in on the awesome finds discovered during the week.

The Bachelorette Finale (Network Ten)
True love?
Georgia Love and Lee Elliott
The Bachelorette Finale was on last week, with the lovely Georgia Love choosing Lee Elliott over Matty J in a shocking twist.
While the finale offered very little but indignation and rage from viewers, it's the commentary that I've been reading this week that I most enjoy.
This years' The Bachelorette was decried as a misjustice, viewers questioning the Bachelorette's choice and parallels drawn between this series and the most recent season of The Bachelor, that somehow the hero had chosen the wrong partner. It's an interesting accusation, and the level of outrage really shows that the producers and team of the respective shows are failing the narrative. We should be rooting for the couple, not raging at their preferences. But it does suggest how seemingly unaware the audience still is that the production team are responsible for the fairytale, that what you see, is not the climax of a lovestory, but a heavily edited story with villains, heroes, sidekicks, and, in the past two series particularly, twists.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but a 'love story' should not be generating outright indignation. We should see the ending coming, we should be nodding our heads and wiping away tears because they are just so right for each other and isn't this beautiful? Not decrying the 'hero's choice. It should be a tight competition, both contenders equal in affection and the central question be 'who will she choose', not a bait and switch, that leaves the audience asking 'why?' Dating shows like The Bachelorette sell a myth, but should never sell an outright lie. No-one watches a reality dating show for a bait and switch. Tara Watson beautifully articulates the breakdown in audience trust and questions whether the series needs a reboot over at The Vine.
I whole-heartedly recommend watching UnReal, the hard-rocking drama based on a dating reality show to gain a little trashy insight into the production of a love story.

She Bangs Coffee (Albion)
Caught up with longtime friend for coffee and newborn hangs, and was introduced to She Bangs Coffee at Albion. Home of the all-day breakfast, She Bangs also has a monstrous range of juices and fresh treats. I had a beetroot combo and dear lordy, it was tasty. A non-coffee drinker, I was very impressed with their range of non-caffeinated offerings. I'm incredibly partial to the industrial aesthetic and retro artwork. It's incredibly chilled environment with a huge open dining and counter space, and would be a fantastic space for a party or launch of any kind. Recommend!

Making (or more specifically, colouring)
Johanna Basfords's Secret Garden (Laurence King Publishing)

Work in progress
This week, I finally cracked an adult colouring book and while I scoffed and mocked the concept, I've surprisingly come to love the idea. There's something intoxicating about the process, about the focus on a singular task, of the creative endeavour. Coming up with colour arrangements and playing with textures have been surprisingly zen. It's really easy to lose yourself in the act.
Johanna Basford's illustrations are simple in form, but beautifully interwoven to create layered images. Her website is home to a fabulous little gallery where community members can upload their finished pieces, and her blog has tutorials to inspire and educate. Easily my new favourite hobby.

What are you loving this week?


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