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It's Friday and time to check-in on the awesome finds discovered during the week.

Hadron Collider Exhibit (Queensland Museum)
Image courtesy of The Day
If you’ve ever read Angels and Demons by Dan Brown or watched The Big Bang Theory you’ve probably heard mention of a small* project called the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and a small** theory about the Higgs boson.
The Large Hadron Collider is the largest scientific experiment in the world and is the creation of the largest scientific collaboration in the world – aka CERN aka European Organization for Nuclear Research.

The British Science Museum has been touring an exhibition that explores the LHC and CERN through the discovery of the Higgs Boson. Combining theatre, displays, interviews and technology, it’s a really interesting walk through one of the most challenging concepts in physics and the most challenging devices I’ve ever seen.

The LHC is remarkable, not only for the particle physics experiments, but also the mechanical, electrical and computer systems engineering, the sheer scale of its objectives and the diplomatic implications of CERN’s partnership model. With over 30 member countries (full, associate, etc) it’s quite an achievement in the capacity of people to come together for the greater good.

It’s a really well-conceived exhibition and while the narrative skips some details, it’s not enough to go into here.
It’s definitely worth a look if you have any interest at all in science, technology or curation. Don’t be concerned if you don’t get the physics – the staff are there to walk you through it***, and, honestly, it won’t stop you from marvelling at the spectacle of it all.

And look, as a sci-fi fan, there’s a lot to play with there.

*when I say small, I mean very very large
**when I say small, I mean very very significant
***legit, ask me anything

Tropfest blind judging
Image courtesy of the Chaser
In this year’s Tropfest, they announced a greater commitment to supporting female creatives by introducing a blind judging process. For those unfamiliar, that means that all submissions will have identifying features removed from their application. Like the blind orchestral auditions process, it’s designed to remove any potential for unconscious gender bias.
And the results have proven valuable. Whereas in the past few years, women have accounted for less than 20% of finalist, this years’ finalists were at 50%.

I’m a firm believer in blind judging, not only because of gender bias, but because of nepotism and favouritism. Everyone has bias, so removing identifying details goes a long way to actually judging content on its value and not by its creator.

In saying that, the fact that Tropfest have only now introduced blind judging is a crock of shit. While I support them in maintaining this process, I ask them to really reflect on why it took so damn long to introduce it.
It’s an industry-wide issue that has been at the forefront of discussion over the past few years, so fingers-crossed we see some tangible improvement as a result.

Additionally, worth checking out The Chaser’s response to the whole thing. They ain’t wrong.

Hello Please (South Brisbane)

Image courtesy of The Weekend Edition

I've been meaning to try Hello Please for months, and finally had the opportunity on a theatre night with friend Bam-Bam. Totally converted to this fabulous modern Vietnamese restaurant.

Hidden away in Fish Lane, it looks slightly on the ‘are you kidding’ scale, with the kitchen a converted storage container. But the dining part is outdoor tables and beautiful lighting. The only downside is the train line above head but it added some cool atmosphere to what would be just another outdoor space.

My friend and I are rich in food intolerances and their menu catered for everything. We had the shared menu option which was a delightful mix of finger food and mains. Chicken wings, noodles, curry, and veges. It was tasty, fresh and rich in flavours. They also had kava sangria, which sounds terrible but was disgustingly good and I could drink them all day.
The staff were really friendly and attentive despite it being peak hour. I cannot say enough good things about this joint. Honestly, a really lovely experience to kick off our night. Recommend for a Sunday session!

What are you loving this week?


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