Friday Fix

It's Friday and time to check-in on the awesome finds discovered during the week.

Kill me now - the clothes!!!

My gosh I have a lot of feelings about this show. Inspired by the experience and book of the same name by Sophia MarloweGirlboss depicts the early development of the Nasty Gal online store and the start of Sophia's girlboss philosophy.

The writing is great, pacing strong, dialogue glorious and the relationship between Sophia and Annie is beautiful, but - and there is always a but - Sophia is a dick. I used to have a friend like that. We are no longer friends for a reason. The sense of fucking privilege is just ridiculous. This is a chick who travels cross country and demands that a buyer give her back the first jacket she sold cause she thinks selling it was bad luck. She expects her friend to dedicate all her free time to helping her business, but when said friend asks to be paid for her work, loses her shit. She is utterly consumed with what other people and circumstances can offer her, with no thought to what she has to offer them (or if they want it). Sophia is not only tonedeaf to the world around her, she's mean. But in between the complete self-absorption are bouts of awareness and surprising sensitivity, enough to keep you invested and enough to feel for her when the inevitable wheels come off. She's a terrible businesswoman and the fact that the real Sophia managed to create an empire is genuinely surprising. That the business went into bankruptcy is not.

There's a lot of talk about how obnoxious and entitled she is, and it's been really interesting to read the commentary on whether she is a good character, friend, person, feminist, etc.
The thing that absolutely kills me though is I can name at least five tv shows with a similar concept and lead character - and the lead is male. Why I kept watching, why I recommend the hell out of the show, is it makes good use of various narrative devices, different production styles, and great dialogue. Sophia is a complete jerk, but no more so than House, Mulder, Mosby, Leery and White. And frankly, no more so that Bradshaw who is revered and just terrible.

I love you Annie!!
This spate of awful women as characters is really kinda great, offering a diversity to female characters that we don't often see. The lead character is never the best, so I'll keep watching for adventures with Annie (Ellie Reed) and kooky Gail (Melanie Lynskey), and great clothes.
Sadly, what undoes the narrative is the setting - it's placed in the early 2000s when these events actually happened. The oblique awareness of future trends and habits, particularly online, regularly seep their way into the dialogue and that close but not far feeling of stories set in the naughties can be unsettling.

Overall, the cast is impressive, the storytelling really well-conceived, and when they stop trying to prove Sophia is an ass, it's really quite a beautiful story about friendship and 'following your dreams blah blah'. 3 out of 5 sequins.


Watching SBS's PopAsia every Sunday morning is something of a ritual and has inspired a great love for Asian pop and rock. It's a completely different community and industry than Australian, US or UK, and there's something really freeing about dancing along to a song when I have no idea what the lyrics mean.

This week I first heard Scandal, and dear lordy. These ladies are an awesome quartet of pop-rock, with an impeccable sense of style and sound. The single "Love Me Do" has been stuck in my head all week. Catchy with a warm blend of vocals and guitar, with a guest-appearance of cowbell. The album  it hails from Yellow is a grand mix of heady rock and soft pop, electric guitar and sweet melodies. This is their first self-written album and they've got serious skill in the writing department. If you like lady rock bands and catchy as hell tunes, check them out.

Speaking of Japanese things, earlier in the month I visited Japan on my own and it was ace. Traveling alone is both terrifying and liberating, but ultimately a lot of fun. To prepare I read an awful lot of travel blogs, and found a lot of advice and tips on traveling solo, but not a lot of blogs written by women traveling alone for women traveling alone. I found a couple that I really enjoy, that seem to have started as blogs and expanded into travel brands, but if you know of any, let me know!
Inspired by that, I'm looking at starting a shortrun series of travel posts by my lady friends who have traveled alone. Expect to read more about that soon.

What are you loving this week?