Friday Fix

It's Friday and time to check-in on the awesome stuff discovered during the week.

Which Cult Should I Join? Jo Stewart (Smith Street Books)
An existential crisis of the highest order, this handy guide to cults and worship is strictly tongue-in-cheek (or is it?). Laid out like the classic Choose Your Own Adventure series and offering 40 of the most high-profile cults (including Amway), Stewart has created a fantastic piece of commentary on the best and worst of cultish life. I'm torn between Moonies and People's Temple tbh.

Wearing (well, the dog is wearing)
Nerdy Pug Studios (USA)
I have a dog. She is beautiful. She is a tiny bundle of love and utterly adorable. And I went shopping for a cute-as harness to reflect her adorableness, and discovered Nerdy Pug Studios at Etsy. They are a small fitout in Georgia USA and make the cutest of nerdy functional apparel for small and large puppers - strictly collars and harnesses. All the material is nerdy, geeky, sci-fi, sciencey and super cute, We've got the Hubble and Pokémon harnesses coming and can't wait to get my hands on them.

Welcome to Surrey (TELUS Optik Local)

StoryHive pitches Welcome to Surrey as "a comedic webseries about having a background in one culture but born and raised in another" as it explores the experiences of five friends as they navigate cultural divides in contemporary Canada. It's a gas. Seriously, one of the best and funniest new series I've seen in a long time. Created and starring Shyam Valera and Kashif Pasta, it's the product of StoryHive, a community content development program for emerging screen stories by Telus of Canada. It's an interesting project of the telco and the outcomes have been awesome. It's produced some of my most favourite new stories, so expect to see a few more featured in the Friday Fix in future.

WtS is a uniquely South Asian story, but simultaneously is ridiculously familiar. It's the graduate, coming-of-adult experience, attempting to navigate familial expectation versus generational change. It's smart, funny and the cast are amazing. These are characters you can easily love and I'm just disappointed there's not more!!!

What are you loving this week?


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