Lady Parts Episode 17: Kingsman: The Golden Circle

In a world-first event, Lady Parts goes A Tale of Two Cities with special guest editor, geek girl, Kingsman fan and friend, Stacey Clair, as we review the latest Kingsman instalment, Kingsman: The Golden Circle. And, my gosh, we have a lot to say this episode.

I was raised on Bond. It was literally the go-to series of the Lindorff clan throughout childhood. We had the complete, official MGM VHS box set (including Never Say Never Again, not including Casino Royale [1967]). Bond is a narcissistic misogynistic dinosaur of the Cold War and Kingsman, well, Kingsman is his bastard child who aspires to be half the man Bond is, and half the series Bond is.

All of those issues we had with Kingsman I are woefully abundant in Kingsman II, and amplified, and it's such a damn shame because this film could have ably outdone the first and in shock of shocks for sequels, been better than the first. But it took all that good intention and great casting, and said a
Julianne Moore enjoying herself an awful lot
royal fuck you to everyone who wanted to like this film.

There are plenty of people who are going to love this series and there's a lot to like. My primary complaint is that it could have been so much more. It could have been the movie of the year. It is stylistically grand and has a great female villain in Julianne Moore and fantastic expansion with the American team, but, like later Bond, suffers from 'look at this cool thing I can do!' while also providing an ego-stroke for Matthew Vaughan and it blew it through weak motivation, poor narrative choices, schlocky characterisation, terrible romantic subplot, and, again, grotesque treatment of female characters.

While Bond was a pig in men's clothing (#notallpigs), early Bond demonstrated function and form. Kingsman is a hot mess of contradiction and wankery, and that is a damn shame.

Catch our review over at the Lady Parts website. #justiceforroxy


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