"Aimée was a great instructor.  She really seemed to enjoy what she was doing and has a wealth of examples from literature she could draw on to illustrate the points she made.  I really enjoyed the course, thanks in large part to Aimée's infectious enthusiasm." - creative writing course participant

"if:book Australia is a small organisation dedicated to exploring new forms of digital literature and investigates the changing relationship between writer and reader. Our book Hunted Down and Other Tales is a literary ‘remix’, a creative reworking of short stories by nineteenth century author Marcus Clarke. For its three-person team of writer, designer and editor, the book presented the challenge of staying true to its 150-year-old source material while using technology to break the boundaries of print media.

Aimée was a perfect choice as editor for this project. Her structural editing suggestions were astute and belied a deep understanding of the text and the project as a whole. Her meticulous attention to detail as a copyeditor ensured the book achieved a delicate balance between presenting Clarke’s original texts alongside their creative adaptations. This was a complex project that required ongoing input from writer and designer throughout the editorial process and Aimée's timeliness and communication throughout ensured a smooth transition from manuscript to book. Her reasonable rates also meant that all this attention to detail remained with our tight budget. I would not hesitate to recommend Aimée’s editorial skills for any project, large or small." - Simon Groth, manager of if:book Australia.

"Loved the Film location tour! Very informative. Loved the interviews with film location manager, SpecFX, Arts, Stunts etc along the bus tour. I can imagine that would have been a lot of work to put all that together for our enjoyment! Well done to those that put all that together! It filled in the gaps perfectly! The Roo's at Coombabah were a local's bonus! Been on the coast for 25yrs and didn't know that little spot existed. Felt completely comfortable with bus drivers skills, the guide Murray was great, Aimée co-ordinator very on top of things and volunteers were fab! Thanks GC Film Festival! Love your work! Know this is going to keep on getting bigger and better! But at same time quality! (Always better than quantity!)" - Gold Coast Film Festival attendee